Story of TAIZEN

TAIZEN is located in the Kuromon Market in Osaka.
I, the owner of the store, was born to a father who runs a fish wholesale business, and I have seen the Kuromon Market since I was a child. I grew up seeing a large fish tank in my father's store where fish from the market swam every day and artisans from ryotei (Japanese-style restaurants) came to purchase their products.

I grew up seeing such a scene. Not only were the products of high quality, but the people who selected the fish had respect for the producers, and they did their purchasing with smiles on their faces, thinking of the customers to whom they were serving the food. Even as a child, I loved this scene.

At TAIZEN, we carry a wide variety of products, some JAS-certified organic and some not. We do not reject all additives and pesticides, but we believe that the traditional manufacturing methods that have remained unchanged for a long time and the products that contain the thoughts of the makers are the values we want to keep in mind when running an organic food specialty store in this location.

Please come to our store when you visit Osaka and Kuromon Market. You can check our business hours on GoogleMap.